Essential Considerations When In The Process Of Designing Your Commercial Pool

It is an amenity, and it is one that people will pay more for because they love it so. A commercial swimming pool can be one of the biggest changes you ever make to your business property. Whether you are installing a pool for hotel guests, at a senior living community, or at an apartment complex, this is a huge undertaking. The proper prior considerations are vital to ensuring the end result brings just as much value as you expect. Check out a few of the essential things that must be considered when you are working with a commercial pool builder to create your business-property oasis. 

Consider the basics of the pool's design that are a must. 

You can get creative with the pool design, but you should keep a few general guidelines in mind. Your overall goal with a commercial pool is that it is safe, and many guidelines exist to accomplish that goal. However, there are also guidelines to follow that are more about functionality. Some of both of these types of guidelines include: 

  • Always build a pool with the idea that kids will use it if there is a chance kids will indeed be using the pool 
  • A diving area of a pool is pretty much impossible for a public-access pool, so avoid actual diving areas 
  • Access points to the pool should be partially covered in water instead of out-of-pool features (e.g. stairs should be built in and partially underwater)

Consider how the pool will be accessed from the main part of the building. 

It doesn't make sense for a pool to be situated in some areas. For example, if you are installing a hotel swimming pool outdoors, there should be a walkway from the main guest exit points to the pool patio where the pool will be situated. The pool's location should be a logical one, and in commercial settings, it tends to be best if it is located in an area where it is easily monitored by your staff members. 

Consider how the pool will be used in the climate. 

If you are planning an indoor pool, this may not be such a big thing; you can go with a heated pool or not and control the interior temperature to make the pool more inviting. However, if you are installing an outdoor pool, think about how that pool will be used in the general climate. Will this be a place to cool off due to high temperatures and humidity? Will this be a place to get exercise no matter the outer temperature? Think about these things and plan accordingly. 

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