2 Minor Repairs You Can Do To Your Swimming Pool

Swimming pools aren't meant to last forever, but they can last quite some time if you take good care of them. Over time, you are going to encounter a problem or two with your swimming pool, some of which you may be able to repair on your own, or you may have to hire a professional to have your pool repaired. Read on for a few minor repairs you should be able to handle on your own.

1. Pool Liner Hole/Tear

If you end up with a hole or tear in your swimming pool liner, don't tear down the pool just yet, you should be able to repair the hole/tear on your own using a swimming pool liner repair kit. The kit can be found at your local swimming pool supply store and you will find everything you need inside of the kit. Follow the manufacturer's instructions to install the patch correctly. Usually, all you have to do is to cut the patch at least two inches larger than the hole/tear, then apply the glue to the patch. Press the patch into place and allow it to dry completely. You may need to lower the water level in your pool depending on where the hole/tear is located. Refill the pool up to the proper level once the patch is dry. If the patch didn't do the trick, or the hole/tear is much too bit to patch, a new liner may be necessary. You can hire a professional swimming pool repair company to have the new liner installed for you.

2. Filter/Pump Not Circulating Water

If the pump and filter aren't doing their job properly, they aren't going to keep your pool clean. If you notice that the water isn't being circulated, you should first check that you have power to both your pump and your filter. Make sure you didn't pop a breaker causing you to lose power. If this isn't the issue, check that these are both plugged in. Inspect the outlet and the plug as well. Use a multimeter to see if the outlet has power. Look at the plug and the cord to be sure they are still in good shape. If you need to, replace the outlet or repair the plug. If you aren't able to figure out the problem, hire a professional pool repair company to repair these for you.

These are just a few problems that may occur with your swimming pool, and these are things you can repair on your own. If you find that you aren't able to repair your swimming pool by yourself, call a swimming pool repair company to have your pool repaired to lengthen the life of your swimming pool.

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