Things To Expect During In-Ground Swimming Pool Construction On Your Private Property

Making plans to get your own in-ground pool can be really exciting. Here is a look at a few things you can expect during the in-ground pool installation process. 

Expect a slight delay while underground utilities are marked. 

Before the ground will be excavated to start the construction of your pool, utility companies will have to be brought in to mark areas where underground lines are located. If there are underground utility lines in the area where the pool is planned to go, these lines will have to be relocated. This process relies on the utility companies in charge of those lines, so there can be a slight delay to handle this part of the project. 

Expect there to be heavy equipment pieces in use. 

You can expect to see a few pieces of heavy equipment in use on your property during in-ground pool construction. You will likely see an excavator that will be used to dig the opening for the pool, and you may even see a bulldozer that will be used to level off the ground. The pool contractor you choose may have to help you obtain permits to bring these pieces onto your property if you live in a more urban area or have close neighbors. 

Expect a lot of time to be dedicated to framing the pool. 

Even though your pool is going to be going in the ground, you will still see a lot of framing going on. A frame will be implemented around the pool that will offer support for the rest of the materials. Whether the pool itself is going to be sealed concrete or a fiberglass drop-in, the surrounding dirt must be supported so it does not put undue stress on the outer walls of the pool. As you can imagine, this part of the pool construction process can take quite some time. 

Expect there to be areas of the property that cannot be accessed during construction. 

While your pool is under construction, you can expect that there will be netting or some other form of perimeter implements meant to keep people out of the work area. These implements are installed as a matter of safety. The construction company will not want to risk anyone getting hurt by falling into an open spot in the ground or anything else. If you need to access the property during construction, make sure you are mindful of the areas that are blocked off. 

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