5 Step Spring Pool Maintenance Plan To Prepare Your Home For Summer Fun And Relaxing Poolside To Beat The Heat

Now that spring weather is coming, it is time to start thinking about pool maintenance to get ready for summer months. You will need to connect the pool filter and do other maintenance to prepare your pool, as well as do any repairs and improvements that need to be done to improve your pool before summer. The following guide will help you get the spring maintenance done and be ready for summer fun and relaxation on hot summer nights:

Remove Covers and Winterization 

The first thing that you will want to do is start removing the cover of your pool. Carefully remove the cover to avoid debris falling in the water. After the cover is off, you will be ready to remove any tops and other winterization that was done to prevent damage to the pool over the winter months.

Reconnect the Pool Filter and Pump Equipment 

Once you have removed the cover, plugs, and winterization materials, the pump and filter will need to be reconnected. Reconnect any connections that were disconnected in winter, and check for leaks and damage that may have been caused by freezing temperatures during the winter months. You will need to repair these problems before you can start with the maintenance and water treatments that need to be done before summer.

Backwash the Filter and Prime the Pump 

With the weatherization materials and tasks done, you will be ready to move on to preparing the pump and filtration system. First, you will want to check the cleanout of the pump to ensure that there is not any debris blocking it. Prime the pump with water to get it running and the water in the pool circulating to clean.

Fill the Pool With Water and Add Chemical Treatments 

Fill the pool up with water to begin circulating it. As the pool begins to fill and water is circulating, you will want to start adding chlorine and balancing the pH. Continually, circulate the water and backwash the filter to remove debris and small particles from your pool.

Shock the Water and Perform Improvements 

Shocking the water in your pool is another task that needs to be done before you swim. During spring weather, shock your pool for the first time to kill bacteria, viruses, and other organisms that are in the water. This is something that needs to be done occasionally throughout the summer months to keep the water in your pool safe for swimming.

These are some of the things that you need to do to prepare your pool this spring and be ready for the summer weather. If you need help with the repairs, maintenance, and improvements to get your pool ready for summer weather, contact a pool maintenance service and talk to the technicians there about helping.

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