A Backyard Water Feature That Can Be Used For Swimming And Relaxing

A swim spa and gazebo enclosure will provide you with a viable way to exercise, entertain, and soak away your stress. A swim spa uses an adjustable jetted resistance current which will allow you to swim in place or complete some challenging strokes, depending upon the intensity of the resistance. Learn how this type of water feature and enclosure will improve your daily routine or help make your next social gathering enjoyable.

A Swim Spa Is Elongated

A standard spa is usually square in shape and contains several built-in seats that people can use while relaxing in front of a series of jets. A swim spa uses the same type of technology as a standard spa, but a pressurized jet resistance feature is located along one end of the spa, adding a swimming element, in addition to the seated soaking sessions that you may already be fond of.

Since a swim spa is longer in width and length than a standard spa, more people can fit inside of this type of water feature. For instance, imagine you and your loved ones wanting to take a dip in the hot water, but one of you would like to practice swimming while the others are soaking.

With a swim spa, both activities can be enjoyed in tandem and since many of your family members will be seated while the other person is swimming, everyone can integrate with one another, by observing the swimmer or vocalizing encouragement as the person attempts to complete a series of strokes within a specific timeframe. A pool contractor can advise you on purchasing a swim spa that will fit on your property and that will not disrupt the other recreational equipment or decorative items that are in your yard. 

An All-In-One Package Will Add A New Spin To Outdoor Activities

When you choose an all-in-one package, you are provided with everything that you need to host an informal event, plus enjoy the use of the water feature while being provided with privacy. A swim spa gazebo may contain a series of stools, a bar, and a covering. Your pool contractor will determine how much space is necessary for the addition of the gazebo, so that the swim spa will fit inside of the structure, but will not impede the setup of the bar area.

Once the spa is up and running, plan a barbecued meal and a series of mixed cocktails that you would like to serve your loved ones and friends. After enjoying the time spent together, invite everyone to get in the spa, either to relax or to work off some of the calories, through a series of resistance swimming exercises.

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