The Natural Swimming Pool Design Guide To Choosing The Look And Features Of Your New Oasis

If you are planning on building a new custom pool for your home, there are a lot of features that you may want to consider. Natural pools are a great solution for the new pool you add to your home, but it is important that they have a professional design. The swimming area, water features, and filtration designs will give you a lot of choices that you only get with natural swimming pool designs. The following natural swimming pool design guide will help you choose the right features for your summer oasis:

Deciding On The Style, Size, And Shape Of The Natural Pool Swimming Area And Pool Deck Features

To start with your natural pool project, you are going to want to choose the size and shape of the pool. If you want a more natural-looking pool, the swimming area can be more like a pond. If you want a pool that looks more like conventional swimming pools, then the swimming area can have conventional shapes like rectangles, kidneys, or oval and round shapes. The swimming pool area can be separated from filtration to accomplish this. In addition, you will want to consider the pool deck surface, which can be made of conventional paved materials or wood and composite lumber decking.

Designing The Filtration System And Features That Will Filter The Water 

The design of the filtration system is the most important feature of natural pools. These features need to have a combination of filtration media, plants, wildlife, and water circulation. The combination of all these elements is what provides the filtration by creating a small independent ecosystem that filters and cleans the water through natural processes.

Adding Additional Water Features To The Natural Pool Design 

There are also a lot of additional water features that you will want to consider adding to the natural pool design. These can include features like streams and a lazy river that are integrated into the filtration or waterfalls and slide features. The additional water features for your custom natural pool design will provide recreation and relaxation to your summer oasis project.

Using Natural Pool Design Mechanical Equipment To Keep The Water Circulating 

Even though the pool water is filtered through a natural ecosystem that is created, there are still mechanical products that need to be installed. These features include skimmers, which need to be larger pond skimmers to remove debris from the water, and a serious of pumps that provide efficient water circulation to keep the water moving through the filtration ecosystem.

This information will help you choose the right features and for the design of your natural pool project. If you are ready to start designing your summer oasis, contact a natural swimming pool design service like Pacific AquaScapes and talk to them about some of these ideas for your pool project.  

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