Swimming Pool Equipment Guide To Get What You Need To Keep Water Clean

If you are looking to update your pool equipment, you want to choose the best solutions. These systems should do a good job of keeping the water clean and reduce maintenance costs. You may want to upgrade the pump, add new filtration systems, and invest in other improvements. The following pool equipment guide will help you choose the right upgrades to invest in for your pool:

Adding a Retractable Cover

Installing a retractable pool cover can provide several benefits. Covers are great to keep the pool clean and reduce the maintenance that needs to be done during the summer months. These retractable covers can be manual or automated systems that are powered with electric motors. During the summer months, you can use these covers to keep the pool safe and clean when you are not using it.

Installing Chlorine or Salt Systems

The treatments that are used to keep the water clean in your pool can be salt or chlorine systems. If you are upgrading the pump and filter in your pool, you may want to consider installing a chlorine dispenser to help keep the water clean and the chlorine levels right. Another option is to convert the pool to a saltwater system. If you install a saltwater system, you will also want to have some of the other pool equipment updated with materials that are more resistant to corrosion. Because salt is more corrosive than chlorine, these materials need to be more resistant to salt and the corrosion that it can cause. 

Efficient Pool Pump Upgrades

You may also want to upgrade the pool pump. Today, there are options for more efficient pool pumps that can reduce energy consumption. You may want to consider options for solar-powered pumps to reduce the energy consumption in your home during the summer months. In addition, you may want to consider options like solar water heaters to keep the water warm.

Safety Drain and Skimmer Covers

The covers that are installed on the drains and skimmers can be hazards during the summer months. Therefore, you may want to have the covers upgraded when doing upgrades to other pool equipment. Adding safety covers to the skimmers and drains will help ensure your pool is safe during the summer months.

Upgrading your pool equipment can be a great way to improve water quality and reduce maintenance costs during the summer months. If you are ready to have new pool equipment installed, contact a pool equipment service like John Strawhacker Swimming Pool Service and talk to them about these solutions for your pool.  

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