The Inground Pool Guide To Help You Plan Your Summer Oasis

When the time comes to install a new pool for your home, you want to plan the project. In-ground pools come in many shapes and styles and give you an opportunity to create the perfect summer oasis.

The planning of your in-ground pool oasis should start with choosing the type of pool. You will also want to decide on the pump and filtration systems, as well as extra features. With an in-ground pool, there are also choices to make when it comes to the outdoor areas. The following in-ground pool guide will help you with planning your summer oasis.

  • Choose Your Inground Pool Construction—The construction of inground pools can vary depending on the type of design you want. Today, you have a choice of materials for in-ground pools that include:
    • Fiberglass pools
    • Vinyl liners
    • Concrete
    • Custom tile

                These are some of the different types of inground pools that you can have installed.

  • Decide on the Type of Water Filtration—Keeping your water clean is essential, and usually done with chlorine systems. Today, there are also alternatives to conventional chlorine systems. If you are building a new pool, there are options like saltwater and natural filtration systems to keep your pool clean.
  • Consider Adding Water Features—The right water features will enhance the design and improve the water quality in your pool. These features can be things like waterfalls, integrated streams, or river features. If you are planning on building a grotto for your project, the water features are a great solution to hide these spaces and give you more privacy.
  • Choosing the Right Pumps and Equipment—There are also the pumps that need to be installed with your pool. This is usually one filtration system with a pump that circulates the water. If you are going to be using natural filtration and adding water features to your pool, there are also options for smaller high pressure pumps that can be solar-powered for these systems. The smaller solar pumps will help improve the efficiency of your pool design.
  • Designing the Pool Deck Area and Grottos—The design of the deck area is another essential feature that you need to plan before building your pool. This can be a main outdoor space where your friends and family gather for waterside fun. It can also include a more private grotto area that is integrated into water features for more relaxation.

Planning an in-ground pool oasis is going to be a challenging project, but it will give you the perfect space. If you are ready to start building your summer oasis, contact an in-ground pool service and start planning your project.

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