Ice Cold Hot Tub? This Information Can Help You Repair It

If you depend on your hot tub for health reasons, you expect the water inside the tub to be hot every time you use it. But if the water inside your hot tub is ice cold, you want to fix it soon. Something could be wrong with the temperature sensor, heating element, or another part inside the tub. Below are possible reasons why the water in your hot tub is ice cold.

Why Is the Water Cold?

Hot tubs contain a great number of important parts you might not see or know about, including the temperature sensor. The tiny sensor is a thermostat that detects and controls the water temperature inside your hot tub. If the sensor malfunctions, it can't regulate or monitor your tub's water temperature. The water will be cold and uncomfortable instead of hot and soothing. 

The thermostat sensor isn't the only part inside your hot tub that can affect the water temperature. The heating element can also affect the water's temperature. The heating element can burn out or fail over time. If the heating element goes bad, it can't communicate with the thermostat sensor properly. The thermostat sensor won't know when to heat the water inside your hot tub. In this case, you'll need to have a pool contractor troubleshoot both parts for you.

How Do You Repair Your Hot Tub?

Before a contractor works on the thermostat sensor and heating elements, they'll need to see if other parts inside your hot tub work properly. Hot tubs can stop heating if they clog up with debris. Clogs can prevent water from entering the appliance over time. If a contractor doesn't find any clogs in your hot tub, they'll troubleshoot the thermostat and heating elements for you.

A pool contractor will usually use an ohmmeter to check the parts inside your hot tub. An ohmmeter measures, or determines, the resistance between to electrical components. If the results of the test fall below a certain number or criteria, a contractor may do one or more things, including:

  • recalibrate the thermostat sensor
  • replace the heating elements
  • replace the wires and connectors between the thermostat sensor and heating elements

If a contractor doesn't find anything wrong with the thermostat sensor or heating elements, they'll check and repair other parts inside your hot tub.

For more details about your hot tub and how to repair it, contact a hot tub repair services today.

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