Pool Construction And Natural Designs: Preparing Your Home For An Outdoor Oasis

Natural pools are great projects that can add the entertainment space you want for your outdoor areas. Before you begin planning your new oasis, you want to make sure you are prepared. The planning and preparation should start with evaluating existing space and designing the new pool accordingly. The following natural pool design information will help you prepare for the construction of a new outdoor oasis:

Choosing Where To Build The Pool

You want to begin your pool project by choosing where to build it. Before this can be done, you will want to survey the terrain. This can be used to decide what type of pool to build and where to build it. Some of the surveying factors to consider before designing the pool include:

  • Finding and mark property lines for easement requirements
  • Marking elevations and grades of slopes for pool construction
  • Marking existing buried mechanical and utility installations
  • Marking the location of the pool and equipment that will be installed

Begin The Excavations For The Pool

Once you have the design of your pool complete, it will be time to begin the excavation process. The process of excavations for your pool will begin by marking off the area that needs to be dug up. If there are materials in your landscaping that you want to save, they should be removed before the excavation work begins. Also, you want to make sure that there is access to the area where the pool is being built.

Start The Pool Construction Process

Once excavations are complete, you will be ready to begin the construction. This process will start with the installation of plumbing and conduits that need to be installed. The work will continue with the installation of aggregate and other base materials like sand. The installation and building of the will differ depending on what type of materials you are using. Some of the different types of pools that may be used for this include:

  • Concrete and blocked for holes with backfill
  • Partial excavations for slopes and fiberglass pools
  • Concrete walls and deeper excavations for vinyl liners

Finishing Landscaping And Filtration System Designs

The end of your pool construction process will be involved because the landscaping will be part of the filtration system. Therefore, you will need to work closely with the pool contractor when building your filtration system, since good landscaping design is important when natural pool filtration is integrated into these spaces. Some tips to help with the design of landscaping with natural filtration include:

  • Using decorative aquatic garden features
  • Improving circulation with additional high-pressure pumps
  • Keeping filtration plants away from the pool to keep it clean

The preparations for your natural pool will help you get ready to begin construction and finish your project before summer. For more information about pool construction, contact a local pool contractor.

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