What You Need To Do When Your Pool Water Stops Circulating

If your pool isn't circulating water, it isn't getting as clean as it should be. Water circulation in a pool is how the water gets clean, so if your water isn't circulating properly, your water may not be healthy to swim in. Water circulates in the pool by using a pump and a filter. If your water isn't circulating properly, these are the two parts of your pool you need to inspect. Read on for tips to help you inspect your pool filter and pump properly to get your pool working and circulating again.

Check Your Water Level

The water in your pool needs to be at the proper level in order for the water to circulate properly. If the water isn't high enough, the water can't get to the skimmer and will not get to the pump. If the water is too high, the water will not circulate properly either. There is usually a line on your skimmer basket that tells you where the water level should be. If you hear gurgling noises coming from your skimmer, it may not have enough water. If you have a lot of bugs or leaves floating at the top of the water, the water level is most likely too high and the skimmer isn't able to skim the water. If you need water, add some to your pool with your garden hose. If the water level is too low, you need to remove water by changing the filter setting to backwash until the level gets to where the level is supposed to be.

Make Sure Your Pump/Filter Is Turned On

You also need to be sure your pump and filter are both working. If you don't have any water being pulled into the pump, or water isn't being returned from the filter, there may be a power issue or a suction issue. Check the skimmer basket to make sure it isn't full. If the basket is too full, it can prevent water from getting to the pump. If there isn't any water being returned, water may not be getting to the filter at all. Make sure you have power to both your pump and your filter. Check the plug, the outlet, and make sure you have power getting to the outlet. If you don't have power to your pump, and you can't get it to work properly, you should have it repaired by a professional pool service company.

If your pool isn't circulating water, your water isn't getting clean, which means you shouldn't swim in the water as it may not be safe. Contact a swimming pool service for more information.

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