Pool Repairs That You May Need When Water Starts To Turn Cloudy

During the summer months, there are a lot of problems with your pool equipment that can affect water quality. Sometimes, these issues can begin with the water becoming cloudy. This can make it difficult to keep the chlorine and pH levels in your pool balanced. Therefore, you want to have pool repairs done before these problems get out of control. The following pool repairs may be needed when the water in your pool starts to turn cloudy:

Chlorine Dispenser Failure

The chlorine dispenser may be one of the first areas where you have problems with equipment that needs to be repaired. These issues can cause the pH and chlorine levels to become unbalanced, which leads to the water becoming cloudy when they go unnoticed. Therefore, if you have a chlorine dispenser installed, this should be one of the first issues you check for when the water in your pool becomes cloudy.

Leaking Filters and Pump Seals

There may also be issues with the seals on your pool equipment that cause failures. The problems with these issues often start when the seals wear in summer heatwaves. This can cause issues with water loss and leaks that lead to cloudy water problems. To ensure that worn seals are not causing water quality issues, occasionally revise all the areas of your filtration system where seals and gaskets are installed. If you notice a problem, contact a pool repair service to replace the faulty seals.

Blocked or Damaged Pump Turbine

The pump-turbine can be another cause of issues with cloudy water that you have to deal with. Sometimes, other issues with the pump affect the water circulation and cause your pool to become cloudy. Therefore, the pump may need minor repairs and maintenance to ensure the water is circulating. Sometimes, taking the pump apart to clean it and replace worn parts will solve these issues. If the pump is just old and worn out, the best solution may be to install a new pool pump.  

Pool Surfacing Leaks and Sediment

The surfacing of your pool can be another issue that causes cloudy water. This is often due to the sediments that leak into the water as damage grows. Therefore, you may need to have your pool tested for leaks when there is a problem with cloudy water. These pool surfacing issues need to be repaired before they cause problems with cloudy water to get worse.

Repairing issues with leaking filters or water circulation due to pump problems could solve the cloudy water problem. Contact a pool repair service if you have problems with cloudy water and keep the chlorine levels balanced.

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