Information On Winter Safety Pool Covers

You don't want to forget to prepare your pool for the winter once the temperature drops and you are tending to the winterization of the rest of your home. When you don't tend to the pool properly, it can present many problems in the near future. This article will explain the importance of a winter safety pool cover and how to care for it.  

The importance of a winter safety pool cover

Prevent accidents 

The most important reason for having a winter safety pool cover on your pool is to help decrease the chances of an accident. These covers should be considered an absolute must for homes with small children and/or pets. However, even homes without pets can end up with someone's pet that got out getting into trouble in the pool. While safety covers offer added protection from horrible accidents, they also help to protect the pool during the winter. This is why winter safety pool covers are a great option when looking at the different types of covers out there. 

Protect the liner from damage 

If your pool is one that has a vinyl liner, then the winter safety pool cover will help protect the liner. When covering the pool, debris that can include sharp objects will be prevented from blowing into the pool. If something sharp does go in the pool, it could cause a lot of damage to the liner. The cover will also help to protect the liner from fading and getting brittle over time. 

Protect the pool from debris 

A lot of debris can be blown into your pool through the winter. This means when the weather warms up, you will likely find yourself spending a lot of time cleaning out a sludgy mess that consists of everything from leaves and branches to litter and anything else the wind blew in the direction of your pool. After cleaning everything out of the pool, you may also find that the pool has a lot of staining. 

How to take care of the winter safety pool cover

Inspect the cover regularly 

You are counting on your pool cover to offer protection from many potential threats, so you want to make sure to visually inspect it regularly and make sure you don't see any issues that need attention. 

Remove water and debris from the cover 

If there are puddles of water collecting on the cover from the rain, then you should do your best to remove the puddles. When you see a good amount of leaves or anything else on the cover, you should remove them as well. The leaves can hold in moisture and become heavy. Plus, they can negatively affect the water in the pool.

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