Think Beyond The Pool By Considering These 3 Yard Factors

Your new inground fiberglass pool will be a fantastic addition to backyard entertainment and exercise. But planning for a pool means thinking beyond the actual pool itself. A pool is affected by many surrounding factors, as will your enjoyment of it later on. Here are three of these surrounding factors you'll want to keep in mind. 

1. Landscaping

The yard landscape affects the pool and is affected by it in several ways. First, you must avoid landscape that will encroach on the pool, either underground in the form of invasive roots or on the surface. However, the aesthetics of the landscape are important too. The pool needs to feel like it belongs in its surroundings instead of like it was dropped in as an afterthought. 

A good way to factor in the landscaping during pool design is to work with both an experienced pool designer and a landscape contractor. Both look at your yard with different eyes. Your contractor might, for instance, suggest shade trees to keep pool-goers comfortable while the landscaper will know about root and canopy spreads and which trees are less messy. 

2. Other Amenities

Don't let your pool crowd out other backyard uses and amenities. Remember, the pool may be one of the most-used yard features, but it isn't the only one. You might use various parts of the yard to entertain adults for cocktails, for backyard movie nights, to let the dog run around, or to grow your own vegetables.

A comprehensive plan should think beyond just the pool to ensure you have the space and a good layout so common amenities don't feel shoehorned in. 

3. Future Growth

Finally, look beyond what you do in the backyard right now. What are your goals for the future? A young couple who wants to eventually start a family should consider how they can plan now for pool safety and a kid-friendly location. If you want to try your hand at gardening someday, you might earmark a good spot with plenty of sun. Dissatisfied with your patio size? Place the pool in a location that protects the option of expanding. 

Where to Start

The best resource for comprehensive pool planning is a qualified pool contractor. They have experience with yards of all shapes and sizes, and they know what specific parts of yours could impact the look and feel of the pool as well as the yard itself. Call today to make an appointment.

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