What Happens During A Swimming Pool Cleaning Session?

If you love swimming, there's no better investment than a backyard swimming pool. A private pool can help you stay in shape while also providing hours of fun for the whole family. However, like any investment, pools must be maintained to keep them in peak condition. Swimming pool cleaning services can ensure that your pool stays beautiful and sanitary year-round. Here are three things that will happen during a swimming pool cleaning session:

1. Dirt and algae will be removed from the sides of your pool.

Pools can be constructed from many different materials. Cement, tile, and fiberglass are all popular, durable options. No matter what your pool is constructed from, dirt and algae may still accumulate on the sides of your pool. Fortunately, periodic cleaning can eradicate these substances for a cleaner, more visually appealing swimming experience. During a pool cleaning session, a cleaner will use a specially designed brush to remove dirt and algae from the size of your pool. This brush is designed to be nonabrasive, so it will not damage the finish of your pool.

2. Leaves, twigs, insects, and other debris will be removed from your pool.

Leaves and twigs may fall into your pool, especially if your pool is situated near trees. Additionally, insects such as bees and flies may fall into your pool and drown. Keeping your pool covered when it's not in use can reduce the amount of debris that makes its way inside. However, it's impossible to keep all debris out of your pool at all times. That's why a maintenance person will skim debris from your pool during a pool cleaning service. They will use a long-handled net to clean large foreign objects out of your pool. Smaller pieces of debris can be removed from your pool using a vacuum specifically designed for underwater use.

3. The chlorine level in your pool will be balanced.

Chlorine is used to keep the water in your pool safe and free from bacteria. However, the chlorine level in your pool can be disrupted by rain, pool refillings, and even cleaning sessions. During pool maintenance, a service person will test the chlorine level in your pool. They will then adjust the amount of chlorine present in your pool by adding additional chlorine solution or freshwater until the correct balance is reached. This important aspect of pool cleaning and maintenance will ensure that your pool remains a safe and healthy place to swim.

For more information, contact a pool cleaning service in your area. 

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