Features To Add To Your Lap Pool

If you are interested in adding a lap pool to your yard, it's a good idea to hire a pool construction company that has ample experience with this unique type of pool. Some homeowners favor simple lap pools that are little more than a long, narrow in-ground pool. If you are looking for something a little different, however, the swimming pool construction company can suggest some different features that may interest you. The addition of these features can make your lap pool more appealing for your entire family. Here are three appealing features to think about adding to your lap pool.

Sitting Area 

Some lap pools have a small sitting area built into one side of the pool to offer some additional space. This space can be any shape you favor, including square, rectangular, or semicircular. The appeal of this space is that it provides a spot for someone to sit with their feet in the water while someone else swims. For example, your significant other might enjoy sitting in this area while you swim laps. Without their special sitting area, the other person's legs may get in your way as you swim.


Another popular feature to add to your lap pool is a shelf space built into one end. A shelf is essentially a shallow end. The shelf is significantly closer to the surface of the water than the bottom of the lap pool. People often place lounge chairs on their pool shelves. You might like the idea of going for a vigorous swim and then climbing onto the shelf and relaxing on the chair for a while. Or, if your kids are swimming laps, you might want to lie on the lounge chair to watch them and offer encouragement.

Hot Tub

You may also wish to talk to your pool company about adding a hot tub to your lap pool. Depending on the design that you want, there may be a thin wall that connects these two spaces, offering a stylish and modern look. After a lengthy swim, it can be appealing to slip into the hot tub to allow the heat to soothe your muscles and the jets to put pressure on any sore areas. While your family and friends can use the hot tub for relaxing at other times, you may find that its presence is an appealing feature after you swim laps.

To learn more, get in touch with a swimming pool construction company to start planning your dream pool.

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