What To Consider When Putting In A New Pool On Your Property

If you're interested in getting a new pool constructed on your property, you may wonder what the process entails and what decisions you'll have to make. The pool company will do most of the hard work, but you will be able to give some input so your swimming pool ends up being what you want. The key is to imagine how you want the finished product to be so you can make small decisions that give you those results. 

Choose between Above-Ground and Inground Pool

The first and most crucial decision regarding your new pool is whether you want an above-ground or inground pool. Their prices are drastically different, and they take different durations to install. Typically, above-ground pools are considered less permanent, so they might be the better choice if you don't want to care for a pool for the rest of your life.

Choose the Material

Pools are made from many different materials, with some being more common for certain types. For example, concrete, vinyl, and fiberglass are common choices for inground pools, and above-ground pools are usually made from aluminum, steel, or resin. You should compare and contrast the different material options available for the type of pool you choose and make a decision based on your needs and preferences. 

Choose Size and Shape

Once you know whether your pool will be inground or above-ground and the materials it will be made from, you can decide on its shape and size. You may need to choose a particular shape, so it fits properly on your property or for aesthetic purposes, and the size should be suitable for the number of people that will use it. Common shapes for pools are bean, oval, round, square, and rectangle. 

Choose a Location

Where do you want the pool company to install your pool? It's essential to find out about underground utilities on your property, like wires, pipes, septic tanks, etc., so you don't run into any issues during the installation. You should also try to choose an area that makes sense for the pool, like somewhere not too far from the house, a relatively flat area, etc. 

Choose Features

The last thing you'll need to decide before the pool company starts constructing your new pool is its features. You must consider depth, entry points, the filtration system, special features, etc. These things are much harder to change after the pool is finished, so you should have them figured out before construction begins. 

For more info about new pool construction, contact a local company. 

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