3 Ways You Can Cause Small Leaks In Pool Liners

A pool liner encompasses one of the most important parts of a pool. A tear in the liner can cause major issues including a loss of water and dirty water issues. While liners offer a lot of strength, you never know what random objects and items can cause damage to the pool.

If you find yourself in need of a pool leak repair on a regular basis, then learn some of the ways you may be causing small leaks. You may not have realized the issues right away or weren't sure where the leaks were coming from.

1. Untrimmed Toenails 

The strength of a toenail can actually do a lot of damage to a pool liner. We often associate pet nails with rips and the need for pool leak repair services, but human toenails can cause damage as well. Long toenails or nails with jagged edges can all create issues with a pool liner.

Make sure anyone who uses the pool on a regular basis has trimmed toenails. The sudden pressure against the liner can cause a small tear. For example, a person may jump into a pool and have their toe hit the bottom. As the feet kick to swim, a sharp nail can cause a quick tear. The awareness can help prevent problems in the future.

2. Sinking Pool Toys

Children love to play with pool toys that sink to the bottom and must be retrieved. Unfortunately, sometimes those toys can cause damage to the pool liners. While a lot of the toys are made with soft edges, any type of damaged toy could feature sharp pieces of plastic that create damage to the liner.

With pool toys, you want to perform quick visual inspections and throw out any toys with visible damage. Each new season, you may want to replace the toys so you don't run into any problems.

3. Beach & Freshwater Accessories

Just because an item is made for the water, doesn't mean it should go into a pool. Water accessories like flippers or paddles should not be used in a pool. The sharp edges can easily press against a pool liner and cause tears. Items for swimming pools will typically feature soft plastic or thick rubber.

anything made for beaches, ponds, or rivers should not enter the pool. You can find safer alternatives without the need to risk your pool liner.

Contact pool leak repair services to help repair your liner and keep your water clean and protected as you enjoy the swimming season.

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